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Timber-Lok.com is the internet portal for the builders' hardware manufacturing branch of Stollco Industries Ltd.

"TIMBER LOK" Builders' Hardware is used in house construction and in remodeling projects such as decks, car-ports, patios, fences, gazebos, etc. Because much hardware is installed permanently outside, most "TIMBER LOK" Builders' Hardware products are either made from galvanized sheet metal or are plated after manufacturing.

Why buy "TIMBER LOK" Builders' Hardware?
1. Quality
"TIMBER LOK" products are made to Canadian building standards. Products used in exterior applications are fully galvanized or plated. Load ratings are available for most products.
2. Service
"TIMBER LOK" products are available from local distributor inventories, and are serviced by distributors sales personnel.
3. Merchandising
A comprehensive "TIMBER LOK" merchandising program is available, featuring free-standing merchandiser, shelf cards, and consumer deck building plans.
4. Consistency
"TIMBER LOK" products are consistent - our 22 gauge galvanized joist hanger is always 22 gauge and galvanized. No surprises!
5. Assortment
The "TIMBER LOK" Builders' Hardware program offers a comprehensive package of builders' hardware accessories, specifically designed for the Canadian market and needs.
6. Reliability
"TIMBER LOK" products are backed by STOLLCO INDUSTRIES.
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